Friday, 27 June 2008

The Bride Gene

While watching the Sex and the City movie yesterday and seeing super-single Carrie Bradshaw turned into a bridezilla with a 200 person guest list and a bird on her head, I began to wonder, how is it that women are so easily able to take on the role of bride? Even those women who supposed they'd never marry who find themselves engaged are able to turn to their instincts and become a bride-to-be. Even myself.
As a teen, I always wanted to be a sexy, successful, SINGLE female. I wanted to take care of me. I wanted to be unencumbered. I suppose I changed my mind when I met Colgate. All of a sudden, I was a bit older and interested in taking care of "us" and convinced a man was a worthwhile encumbrance. After years of games with that particular encumbrance, I gave up. I decided it was time to gain independence and went traveling.
I traveled. I saw. I did. I met someone. Someone is now my husband.
Now, when we got engaged, I was excited. I called my mother back home and cried on the telephone when I told her. Then I got to work.
I bought bridal magazines and started scouring the web for ideas. I became a member of The Knot. I dragged my unwitting Fiance to countless jewelery stores trying to find the engagement ring of my dreams. I began emailing my bridesmaids potential bridesmaid dresses. I spent an entire day schlepping around town trying on gowns. I sourced flowers. I visited venues.
No, I did not turn to a wedding planner like Carrie did. I wanted my wedding to reflect myself and my Fiance's ideals, not those of a prancing gay-boy. I stopped far short of Vivienne Westwood, 200 guests in an opulent venue, and a bird attached to my head. Instead I went for a custom made dress, 30 guests, and a birdcage veil attached to a be-feathered cocktail hat perched on my head.
I loved being a bride-to-be and I loved being a bride as well. The planning came naturally to me and I'd be the first to say I loved my wedding. I want to plan more weddings. I toyed with the idea of becoming a wedding planner but in uncertain economic times and with the image of bridezilla etched in my brain, I think I'll keep my day job.